Friday, January 05, 2007

Five things about me meme

I was tagged for this by Peregrinations.

1 I'm the first person in my family to be formally educated beyond 15 years of age. It came as much a surprise to me as anyone else that you could study beyond 18. Still, one Ba and an Ma later, I reckon I've just got started.

2 I taught myself to read and write Greek. Once I'd been here a few months I thought I'd better hit the books. By the way, I was an awful language learner at school and drove my French teacher crazy, poor soul.

3 I once drove a Vespa from Athens to Rome. Two people, one hell of a lot of luggage and 24 hours later we arrived in the Eternal City. Roman Holiday all over again, sigh.

4 I once had to sing "Grease is the Word" to A couple of hundred kids in Poland. An experience neither they nor I wish to relive.

5 I used to spend my summer holidays in Tipperary, Ireland when I was a kid as my grandmother had a small farm there.

I tag Theodora p, TooManyTribbles, FCE BLog, Lightning Rod Girl, Lingual Bee


dorapap said...

You tagged me??? Answers in my blog tomorrow!!

Lesley said...

I'm trying to imagine the route from Athens to Rome. I'm also wondering if you sang "It's a long way to Tipperary" while riding the vespa.

teacher dude said...

Look forward to reading that, Theodora.

Lesley, We went from Athens to Patras, then by ferry to Ancona. After staying there overnight, it was a long ride to the centre of Rome.

Claudia Ceraso said...

Thank you so much for tagging me Craig. I think these Five Things about the teacher will be revealing for our students.

Now my own tagged bloggers put me to shame. It took me almost a month to answer you and it takes them just a day to answer me by starting up a new blog or designing a video!

Here is my meme