Sunday, December 10, 2006

Student vlogging

I've been doing some video interviews with my students over the last week. The idea is that we then put them on their blogs (via YouTube). Usually, we both write a list of unusual questions that are going to be asked and then the students decides which ones they'll answer in the interview. We rehearse the interview once or twice and then record it.

Just remember to tell the student that we'll only post the video when they're absolutely happy with their performance. So here is Skywalker's interview.


amanda said...

what software did you all use to edit (but words on the screen) the videos?

is this something you did or did you teach them how to edit their own videos?

amanda47 [at]

teacher dude said...

Everything was done using Windows Movie Maker which comes as standard with Windows XP.

I did this but later on I taught Kostas how to do it for himself.