Friday, December 15, 2006

Student blogs

This week I realised that the blogs I and my students set up this year had closed comments, i.e. only people registered with Blogger could comment on them. As I'm usually logged into my Blogger account when I look at our blogs this hadn't been apparent. So, sorry to anyone who has wanted to get in contact (they are now all open to comment from anyone).

Class blogs

Dp1 class are all junior high school students, preparing for the PET exams in English in May 2007 (i.e intermediate level.

LC1 is a class of 13 to 16 years olds who are going to take the FCE in May, 2007 i.e. upper intermediate level English learners.

Proficiency 1E
is a class of adult, mainly university students who are preparing for the ECPE or CPE in 2007/8. i.e. advanced level learners of English.

Proficiency 2C is a class of adult, mainly university students who are going to do the CPE/ECPE exams next summer. i.e. advanced level learners.

Individual student blogs

Retziki Girl Strikes Back - Pheobe, who is in junior high school, is preparing for the CPE in 2008, she passed FCE last summer.

Skywalker Greece
is a junior high school student who is going to take the FCE exams next summer.

Eos Forever is a high school student who is going to do the PET exams next summer.

Morpheas in Greece
is a fifth grader who has just started lesson with me this year.

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