Saturday, December 23, 2006

Carl Sagan

I guess when I was growing I lucked out as far as teachers were concerned. Although I had some awful ones (who hasn't?) I was fortunate to be taught by people who cared enough to share their passion for learning with others. However, as well as my teachers in school, I had teachers on TV, that medium we so like to deride for its supposed stupidity. Carl Sagan, who died 10 years ago on the 20th December was, perhaps the most brilliant of those TV sages. His series, Cosmos changed my life forever, implanting in me a sense of curiosity about how the world works that has yet to be extinguished. Because of his series I continued with my science education at school - although, it must be added that it is not my strongest suit.

I still flip through my copy of the book of the series, which I bought 25 years ago. I've never stopped being awed by the breadth of the knowledge it contains and the humanistic values it champions.

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