Friday, December 29, 2006

Adding to your blog

Here are something useful things you can put on your blog to liven it up.

Video - The easiest way is to go to YouTube, choose a video and copy the box that says "embed". Paste it in your blog post. Also check out if you want to create your own movies online.

Photos - You can put photos from Flickr directly if you sign up, just click the "blog this" link.

Presentations - SlideShare allows you to post your Power Point, Open Office and Keynote presentations on your blog.

Slide shows - allows you to create your own slide show, using photos from your PC, Flickr page, other blogs or basically anything on the net.

Music/audio - Add's playtagger and you can listen to mp3's on the web directly on your blog.

Site meters - To find out who's looking at your site then there are lots of choices. Clustermap offers you a small map which shows the location of your visitors. Geovisitors gives you more detail and if you have Google Earth then you can zoom in on people's location. Finally, Google Anayltics and Sitemeter give you all the stats you could ever want for.

Chat - Meebo allows you to chat directly with your visitors. Skype also allows you do the same if you have it installed.

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