Monday, November 20, 2006

Technology is not a light bulb, it's a wet paper bag

I've been using computers on and off since I was 14 when I got a Sinclair ZX81 which had 1kb of computing capacity. Later on I discovered the internet and started dreaming of ways in which this wonderful tool could help me teach English. It seemed, even then in 1996 that the net offered unlimited possibilities for foreign language learners with its ability to provided easy access to newspapers, magazines and a wealth of other English language material.

However, it is only been since 2004 that I have been able to put into practice many of the ideas I had years earlier. Finally, able to get regular access to the internet and a PC, many of my students are now in a position to utilise the power of the web in their language learning. Perhaps more importantly, The technology I use has gradually seeped into my teaching practice, slowly evolving from something I used occasionally into a core element that makes me, I believe, a much better teacher.

Using technology in the classroom is not like a light bulb which is suddenly lights up, but rather a paper bag full of water. Eventually the water soaks into the paper until it breaks and spills everywhere.

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