Saturday, November 04, 2006

Killing two birds with one stone

The aim of this exercise is to teach some basic first aid ideas and help our students with their English. Of course, it could also be used in lesson teaching them the use of the imperative, giving instructions or vocabulary connected with health, the body or medicine.

Lesson plan

1 Explain to students what a nose bleed is. Ask if any of them have ever had one.

2 Now ask them to write down what you should do if you have a nose bleed. In most cases you'll need to help translate any possible related vocabulary. Don't forget to write these items on the board otherwise you'll end up repeating yourself.

3 Students then work in groups or pairs to write down notes that somebody could read and understand quickly in an emergency. Emphasise the fact that the language used has to be as simple and easy to understand as possible.

4 Elicit answers from the class.

5 Now tell them that they are going to hear what first aid experts have to say about such a situation and that they should keep notes.

6 Play the St John's Ambulance Service's podcast twice. After the first time give students chance to swop notes. Remember this is a learning activity, not a a test.

7 Students work in groups to share their answers.

8 Now give out the web page in written form (see here) and ask students to compare their version with the original . Do they have the same advice? Remember the exact wording is not important, as long as students have captured the main idea.

7 Now write out a similar handout for another situation such as burns, shock etc.

This can be done with a wide range of first aid situations (see here). You don't need an internet connection in your classroom for this, remember that you could download the mp3 onto a ipod, mobile phone etc. and use any handy pair of computer speakers to play it in class.

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