Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great blog and video

I came across this wonderful video at 21st Century Collaborative Blog.

As she says;

"Sure-- this is a Linux commercial, but forget that. Rather look at the real message. The message of information and how this generation of digital learners are being given an advantage over those who do not have access. As I watched this commercial I was taken with the fact that children of parents with digital access have a distinct advantage over children with parents without access."

Her post talks about the responsibility we have as educators in bridging the digital divide, that not to do so will severely disadvantage students in the future;

"In my opinion, we are the last generation of teachers who have the prerogative of deciding whether or not to master technology. Many of us chose not to acquire proficient skills and still have experienced a high level of success in our professions. However, the children we teach today are not going to be afforded that choice."

See here for the rest of her post.

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