Sunday, November 19, 2006

Competition Time at the BBC

I came across this site on the BBC. They want to hear from young people who use online social networks. I'll be asking my students (who have their own class or personal blogs) over the next week to contribute, if they want to.

"Aged between 13 and 19? Into online social networking? And - most importantly - fancy your 15 minutes of fame to a worldwide audience?

Click is the BBC's flagship technology show, broadcast to over 300 million viewers worldwide, as well as on network television here in the UK.

Come on, let's face it - we all do (ok, most of us!). In a few weeks time we're running a feature about you - the teens who are defining the next generation of web users and content.

If you're an active user of one of the rapidly expanding pool of social networking sites, we'd like to hear from you - on the benefits and pitfalls of being part of the latest online craze."

See here for the rest of the article.

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