Saturday, October 07, 2006

Set books for FCE

I was just over at FCE Blog and I came across this link which is a PDF file by Penguin with some interesting ideas about how to use set books for FCE students.

Claudia says;

"This is a possible reading path:

Useful pages for students
Pages 6, 7 and 8 include brief descriptions of the type of text you will produce, style, target reader, organisation and content. A detailed analysis of your response to the book as well as exam tips.

Useful worksheets for students
2- FCE question types. The 10 examples given are taken from UCLES 1997- 1998 sessions.

3- A sample essay. Based on Wuthering Heights, it includes questions to analyse how the task was achieved.

5- Analysis of the plot. A chart to take your notes while reading.

10- Personality chart. There is a collection of adjectives to help you describe main characters.

14- Evaluating the book. Set of model sentences to include your opinion of the book."

I don't usually prepare students for the set book but I do like the idea of them reading extensively and always give my students audio books in MP3 format as a way of getting exposure to literature. If you would like a copy of a DVD with audio books (I have dozens) email me here with an address and I'll send it.

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