Thursday, October 19, 2006

Memes and EFL/ESL

I tried out the meme exercise with some of my classes and as I had hoped I've been getting some really interesting replies, including a student who'd delivered a baby in an ambulance, another who'd gone by car from Greece to Finland (check out some here). Inspired by my student's example I thought I'd add a new one of my own.

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't.

1 I'm the first member of my family to be educated beyond fifteen years old.

2 Went by car from Thesssaloniki (Greece) to London and back.

3 Once shared a lift with a murderer and his future victim (unbeknown to me I must add)on the day of the crime.

4 Once travelled to a greek island having it chosen at random from a list of 100.

5 Got off another ferry where the only other passengers to disembark were a shepherd and 20 goats.

6 My father's side of my family have lived in the same neighbourhood for at least 180 years.

7 Spent my summers on a farm in southern Ireland when I was a kid.

8 Dyed my hair black, then red and afterwards blond over the space of eight months (black was definitely a mistake, thankfully no photos exist).

9 Signed the Official Secrets Act (UK).

10 Went to wedding where the happy couple and all their guests went to the beach and spent the whole day swimming. We then went off to get ready for the ceremony, which took place in the local village square, at five o'clock in the afternoon,

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