Thursday, September 28, 2006

Starbucks Thessaloniki

I would like to say thanks to everyone at the Starbucks on Leoforos Nikis, Thessaloniki for finding my digital camera. That aside, they are the nice bunch of guys and serve the best coffee on the seafront, not that I'm biased. To say thanks I got them some patissiries from Terkanli. Once again thanks to everyone there.


Anonymous said...

I find Flocafe to have the best coffee in the seafront. Generally, where you see the illy sign outside a store, it is a good signal that coffee will be at least decent, if not great. Illy makes good espresso/capuccino beans and it seems it requires their baristas to have a little extra training than the others.
By the way, does Starbucks offer WiFi and a no-smoking interior? How much do they charge for WiFi if offered?

teacher dude said...

Thanks for th tip. I think that Starbucks is non-smoking inside, though don't quote me on that. As far as the internt is concerned, the free wifi signal that I used to use when sitting outside has disappeared. However, you can buy a Forthnet wifi card and use that. It's 6 euros for two hours!!!

Somebody said that if you're already a Forthnet customer you can use your home access code.Haven't tried it out for myself, though.