Friday, September 22, 2006

Problems in the city - An EFL role play activity

Lesson Plan

1 Ask students what they would change about the city.

2 Elicit answers from the class and write them on the board. Students then work in groups to rank them in order of importance.

3 Divide students into four groups. Hand out the photocopy and assign each group a problem.

4 Their job is;

- to think of many reasons why this solution is the the most suitable and

- one problem with each of the other solutions.

5 Rearrange groups so that there is a representative from each group in the new one. Their job is to discuss the various merits of each solution and then come to decision.

6 Students create a 30 second radio/TV ad to promote their own favourite solution. This can be recorded on a digital camera or suitably equipped mobile phone.

Problems in the city

1 Unemployment:

Possible solution: More civil service positions.
Cost: one billion euros per year

2 Traffic:

Possible solution: Ban all cars from the centre and create a Park and Ride scheme
Cost:1,3 billion euros

3 Drug abuse

Possible solution: Heavier police presence on the streets.
Cost: 2.2 billion per year.

4 Pollution

Possible solution: A ban on all new factory building within the city limits.
Cost: 0.9 billion euros per year

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Anna said...

Great idea! I'll use it on Monday with my students living in London :)