Wednesday, August 09, 2006

On eloquent discourse in the modern age

Mr Megaphone is on holiday which mean he is free to rant at his family from morning to night. An example of the rich bounty that issues from his lips (freely translated from the original Greek).

Mr Megaphone - When are going to f##king finish painting the wall?
Megaphone junior - I'm f##king doing it, damn it.
Mr Megaphone -Well, the missed a f##king bit, you stupid a##hole. Can't you do anything right, lazy a##hole?
Megaphone junior - What bit? I f##king painted everything.
Mrs Megaphone - Damn it, why the f##k is everyone shouting ?
Mr Megaphone - How come he can't do one stupid, damn thing right? Moron.

And so on and so forth at full volume so that the whole neighbourhood gets to share in the experience. The language of Socrates, Plato and Seferis lies safe in their hands.

I'd like to offer Mr Megaphone another tip. As a bone fide representative of the master race ( in addition to being a orator of note he is an out - and - out racist), you really need to get a better job than pizza delivery boy.

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