Friday, August 11, 2006

Great news

I finally got the chance to do some shopping in the centre, having found someone to babysit Lydia for a few hours. So after getting what I wanted, basically the ingredients for an Indian meal from Kosmas, I decided to grab a beer and a toasted sandwich from Navarino Square.

After watching the junkies book return tickets to Happyville with their "travel agents" for a while I decided to do a bit of window shopping on Tsimiski St. There I bumped into one of the students I taught last year and he told me that he and the others have passed their CAE exam. That's really great news as they all worked very hard and when I saw them just after the test they were all looking very down in the mouth, convinced that they had failed.

Of course I can't take credit for their success as I wasn't their only teacher and, as I said before, they made an enormous effort to make the grade. I'll just bask in the reflected glory. LOL


dorapap said...

Great news!
Have a nice weekend!!

teacher dude said...

Thanks, and best of luck with your plans.