Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Get in touch with your inner weirdness

I saw this meme over at Devious Diva's blog decided to add my own answers.

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

1: Taught myself to read and write modern Greek

2: Once helped fight a forest fire.

3: Drove from Athens to Rome on a Vespa.

4: Hitch-hiked 8000 km in five weeks.

5: Lived out of a one suitcase for a year.

6: Saw inside my own heart, live.

7: Was interviewed on Italian TV.

8: Was once held by Czech soldiers in Vaclav Havel's back garden.

9: Spent my first term away from home as a university student on crutches (as I had had a motorbike accident one week before term started).

10: Took my driving test in a foreign language.

Feel free to pick this up … It's amazing to read what wierd and wonderful things people have done in their lives.


Franje said...

You have got to explain 3,5, and 8 in more detail!

teacher dude said...

3 - Me and my then wife decided that we'd go on a tour of Italy by scooter and this was just the first leg. We ended up going all through the north over the course of a lazy August.

5 - When I first arrived to work in Greece all my possessions fitted easily into one suitcase which I add to only slightly over the course of the next twelve months here. I only did some serious clothes shopping went I went back to the UK a year later.

8 I rather stupidly decided to take a short cut whilst in Prague and ended up by mistake in the guy's back garden (which backs onto a large park), much to the bewildernment of the soldier on guard who immediately called in reinforcements to deal with the international terrorist better known as Teacher Dude. LOL.

Lesley said...

No I definitely havn't done any of those things. Have you done any of these?