Sunday, July 02, 2006

Swag and booty

Well, my holiday is almost over, and being the conscientious traveller that I am I have already packed my bags, ready for departure tomorrow morning. Paranoid, moi? In the luggage are a load of cultural goodies that I'll be taking back to Greece with me.

First on my lists was books for myself and my daughter. Of course, there are bookshops in Thessaloniki which sell foreign language books but the choice is somewhat limited and the prices prohibitive. I suppose I could chose to read stuff in Greek, since most of the international best sellers are translated, but that's too much like work. I find it harder to lose myself in the reading experience.

However, access to my brother's high speed internet connection has allowed me to download loads of stuff which I be listening to over the next few months. Once again audio books were first on my list of things to get. I have also taken the opportunity to raid my brother's record collection and I think I've doubled it in size (basically, I grabbed anything that I hadn't heard of).

The audio books include,

HG Wells
George Orwell
Iain M. Banks
William Gibson
Lemony Snicket
Noam Chomsky
Ray Bradbury
Leon Trotsky
ER Burroughs
Jane Austin

(check out Librivox)

There is far too much music to list.

Anyone interested in a copy of the audio books, get in touch via my email on the site. They're a great alternative to traditional set books and since they are in mp3 format students can listen to them on a mp3 player or even their mobile phone i.e anytime or place they like. Not to mention the fact that listening to this stuff on your mobile phone is less likely to get you ridiculed than carrying around a school book.


dorapap said...

Audio books is a great idea even for the ones who don't like literature so much!
Greetings from a rainy and stormy Thessaloniki!

teacher dude said...

If you want I can make a copy for you. The Lemony Snicket stuff would be great for FCE level, if they had the book as well to follow.