Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great PR home goals

Blogging, it seems, can be dangerous for your professional health. One of the blogs I read from time to time is La Petite Anglaise and I was astonished to hear that she has been fired because of her blogging activities. According to her employers, the blog, "brought the firm into disrepute", which is very strange as I had no idea what company she worked for, even the fact that it was British, not French - so much for that accusation.

In addition she was accused of the terrible crime of using the company's computer for personal business. Shock, horror. This is unprecedented. Somebody using their PC for extracurricular activities!!!!! Just as well they still don't have the birch for such outrageous abuses of our gallant employer's system.

Of course, what the company (Dixon Wilson Chartered Accountants) has done is generate the kind of bad publicity (see here) that its rivals could only dream of. Feel free to do as I did and send them an email which said that with management decisions such as these I wouldn't trust them to audit my daughter's piggy bank, let alone manage a business account.

See here for contact details

As PR a home goal it's up there with the McLibel case in the 90's.


melusina said...

The irony of this case is that while virtually none of us who have read her blog had any idea of where she worked (and like you, I had no idea it was a British firm and not a French one), now that they have fired her they are creating the kind of disrepute they accused her of creating with her blog.

Good job! Lol

In the end, she'll be better off for it. She is a good writer and no doubt all the publicity will lead to a nice book deal.

teacher dude said...

That was my thought as well. If her company had just given a warning or even better asked her to remove anything they considered too sensitive then I sure there would have been no problem. Instead they've created a PR disaster. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Still, it good to see that something as simple as a blog can generate a huge impact in the real world.