Friday, June 30, 2006

Should I be worried?

If you put "banging teachers" in Google you get my blog at the
top of the list. How weird is that? Click here. More strange
and illuminating facts courtesy of


dorapap said...

Should you?
This school year I should be banging my head... judging from my students...
BTW today the heat is even worse...

Life Happens said...

No. I always feel like banging my head after a long day of work. Don't worry be HAPPY !
Blog responsibly

melusina said...

Ah HA! I knew your blog was just a front!

It's ok, my blog seems to be a front for prostitution in Thessaloniki and Katerini, at least according to what people search for when they end up at my blog!

teacher dude said...

Ah ha. The truth is finally out. Yes, behind the suave venner lays a dark, dark secret. Still, the pay's good. LOL.