Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ninja podcasting

Ask A Ninja: What is podcasting ?

Now, this is what I need to put on my Wiki space in order to explain podcasting. As the man says it 's all about making apple pies for whales!!!

It's that simple.


dorapap said...

At last I got my DSL line back and I could see the whole video without interuption! Yiannis loved it by the way? Still having a good time back in the UK?

teacher dude said...

Oh yes. BTW I bumped into some Greek students in a cafe here. I think I freaked them out a bit as I chatted to them in Greek. They kept on asking me if I was from Bristol.

We had our first full day of rain here. Now, that's the English summer I remember, days of endless drizzle. LOL.