Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Adding to your blog

Once your students have got the hang of the basics of blogging here are some really fun things to add to their own blog;

1 Video: If you sign up with YouTube you can post any of their clips directly onto your blog.

2 Photos: Although you can add photos easily enough in most blogs Flickr allows you to post directly from their site, if you sign up with them. FlagrantDisregard also has a lot of fun applications which allow you to play with photos and then post them either on Flickr or your blog.

3 Counters: There are a plethora of sites that will let you add a counter. My favourite is NeoCounter which counts the number of hits you get, lets you know when somebody is visiting and tells you which country they come from.

4 If you want to see exactly where your visitors come from try Geovisitors, which allows you to zoom in on their location using either their own maps or Google Earth.

5 Audio: If you want to add an mp3 file then go to's Playtagger site. After you add their script to your blog's template you can link directly to any mp3 file on the net.

6 Skype: If you subscribe to Skype you can add a counter which allows people to call you directly from your blog. Click here.

All of these applications require to copy and paste some code into your blog's template. This may involves a bit of playing around to find out where they best go but you don't have to be a computer genius to get them to work.

If you know of any other good applications, please let me know.

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