Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hotspot de jour

For those of you who have been to Thessaloniki this one shouldn't be too hard to work out. However, it does seem to be THE place for the local homeless population.

BTW I've just witnessed another car accident. I heard a big bang about two minutes ago, it doesn't seem that anyone was hurt though.That makes three this week, the last two happening within the last 12 hours on Egnatia St. I tell you, people here drive wilth all the dedication and attention to safety that we used to associate with kamikazi pilots.


melusina said...

Is this the park on Ag. Sofia street? There are two parks (I think) that have those head statues. I pass the Ag. Sofia one all the time (it is very close to where I live) and am ashamed to say I'm still not sure if this is a picture of it, lol.

teacher dude said...

It's the park just opposite the McDonald's on Ag Sophia and Egnatia. About 40m from a cafe called Latin Quarter (which I don't recommend - lousy coffee).

melusina said...

Yea, exactly where I thought it was. Of course, not being sure if that was the place made me realize I do no pay enough attention to my surroundings. It is a nice little park though.

Is Latin Quarter the cafe on the corner across the street from the Everest? I never saw a name on that place.

teacher dude said...

Actually, I think latin Quarter may be the name of the school on the first floor. Whatever it is called I don't recommend it.