Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Great Bus Journeys of the World

Ok, Here is a left-field idea I have had floating around at the back of my mind for some time now. It's the idea of using a digital camera/mobile phone to record a bus journey. Strange I know, but I thought that this could form the basis of a class project and which could be shared with other students from abroad.

What you do is that you ask students to record a bus journey (it could also be done by passengers in a car or pillion passengers on the back of a bike - or Vespa, in my case). The students could record a travelogue as they went, explaining where in the city they are, what they think about the places passed etc. Or more realistically, add it later using Windows Movie Maker. The aim is to give a 10-20 minutes guide to the city which could be posted on a blog or burnt onto CD and shared with the other students.

If the idea of holding a video/digital camera for such a long time doesn't appeal then students could take still photos and again use Windows Movie Maker to create a slide show and then add commentary, titles and even music.

A standard digital camera with a cheap 256mb SD card can record 20-25 minutes of video.

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