Thursday, May 18, 2006

A flatter Earth

The Earth just got a little flatter. I'm proud to say that I've just got a visitor from my 50th country (thanks New Zealand). When I started this blog in September I thought that it would be viewed by a small number of students here in Thessaloniki and that its appeal would be strictly limited to those in my immediate circle of friends and aquaintances. I still can't get over the fact that people from many different parts of the world have viewed it.

I do suspect that many of my visitors are looking for barbeque tips and recipes though. LOL.


melusina said...

Maybe you should post a BBQ recipe just in case? Lol. I make a mean barbecued chicken, but I'll be durned if I could make a barbecued pork. Oh, darn. I just made myself miss some good barbecue.

Love that picture.

teacher dude said...

I could perhaps give a traditional English bbq recipe but I'm not sure if I can remember how they manage to cook the meat so that it has the taste, colour and texture of anthracite on the outside whilst still the insides remain raw. LOL.

Emily said...

Sometimes my stat page shows people who visited in search of "dogfish dissection. Hehe, fooled 'em!