Wednesday, May 31, 2006

films and stuff

I have seen some good stuff on DVD from the video club recently. Over the last few days I have been watching the first series of 4400 which, since I'm a sci-fi fan was really great. Still, even if you don't put down Jedi as your religion on census surveys or learn Klingon in your spare time it has a lot to offer. Like the best of sci-fi it allows you to think about big moral and philosophical questions in a new way. I was thinking of using it in my lessons.

The basic premise of the series is that 4400 people abducted by aliens (?) over a period of 60 years are suddenly returned en masse. Nobody, least of those abducted have the slightest idea what happened or why. Later we find out that those who have returned have been altered in subtle and not so subtle ways. I'll leave it there and not ruin your suspence.

Also I rented Pride and Prejudice which was just gorgeous.I made a copy using DVD Shrink as I know one of my students, Esmerelda will just love it. She's currently reading Emma, also by Jane Austin in English. I remember reading it when I was here age and finding it difficult. Imagine doing it in a foreign language!!!


stephany said...

hi, i know you don't know me or anything and i probably seem wicked sketchy, but i just wanted to say i thought it was cool that you live in greece because my whole family is from there, mostly from the south, but a few from theseloniki too.

annnnd that's it.

apo tin bostoni me agapi,

teacher dude said...

Thanks for the comment. I read some things from your blog and I realise being 17 and at school still sucks most of the time.

I thought that maybe things had changed since I was 17 but what you said rang so true. Oh well, once you get to college you can really get to have fun.

melusina said...

Ok, a new sci-fi show, I'm on it! Sounds really interesting too - I've seen it around but didn't have a clue what it was, I just thought it was another in a series of stupid shows about stupidity. Had no idea it was sci-fi. (Not that a sci-fi show can't be stupid)

I'm a bit leery over the latest P&P, I've heard awful things about it from those who are dire hard Austen fans. I'm not really an Austen fan per se, but I hate it when a film "translation" of a book just doesn't work for me.

PS. You thought things had changed since you were 17? I think being 17 is a universal, forever period of crisis. It can never really change, unless the world changes in some crazy dramatic way (ie. we don't live to be 17 anymore, or we live to be 300 and 17 is no longer 17, it is 50 or something).