Friday, May 26, 2006

Eating out in Thessaloniki

I thought I’d take a break from the serious teaching stuff. The exams have almost finished and the summer is here. So, at least for the next few posts, I have decided to write about different parts of Thessaloniki.

This is Ouzo Melethron, which is a nice taverna located off Venizelou St. The whole alley way has been converted into a open - air eatery, which gets pretty busy after 2pm and again at night, after 9pm.

As well as the classic greek dishes it does a lot of unusual ones with very odd (but funny) sounding names. The food is good and the prices are reasonable as well. You can eat well for about 15 euros per person.

Also It’s a great place to sit, watch the world and soak up the atmosphere.Just one thing, if you do eat there make sure you take somebody who reads Greek as the (very long) menu is just in Greek.


melusina said...

Oh, I love this restaurant. And you mean weird menu items like "Maria's titties"

But honestly, I think I like extrablatt better, even though it is twice as expenseive.

teacher dude said...

I don't think I've ever eaten there. What do you recommend?

melusina said...

Hmm, well, they have a little bit of everything. If you like German sausages, the bratwurst is delicious (bratwurst is the whitish one, right?), or actually they have a whole sampler of various sausages.

My husband loves their marinated mushrooms, and I enjoy the various "rostis" (potatoes with loads of good crap on them, various types). They also have good keftedakia.

They have a nice menu, lots of choices, but like I said, it is a bit more expensive than normal. And if you like beer, they have a nice variety.

It is on Svolou, if you haven't noticed it before, next to that newish gelato place.

Private Banker said...

Hi Teacher dude,

Having eaten there a few times myself... the best thing about it is the late night eat/drink session(s)!!!
I the evening they bring out a few guys with bouzoukia that play old songs and bring everyone to good spirits.

The food is VERY good but the prices are also a bit high.

I used to live in Thessaloniki.

Privat Banker

teacher dude said...

Hi private banker,

When were you here ? Maybe our paths crossed ? Unless I owe you money, in which case I've never seen you before in my life ? LOL

Ouzo Melethron expensive? Well, no more than most other places, and at least you know the food will be worth the money.