Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coming to you live

Today we're going to have a solar eclipse in Greece, however here in the north it will only be 75%. By pure chance I have found a wifi hotspot in the centre of the city and I'm writing this on my ibook from a street cafe in plateia Navarino. The weather has definitely changed and now we're into Spring (actually more like Summer if you grew up in England like I did). The eclipse is scheduled to happen in about 5 mins, 1pm Athens time so you're getting this live indeed. I'll post a few photos in a bit when I can pull something off the net. (not a good idera to be staring at the sun with or without a camera).

I guess this is what they mean by citizen journalism, the idea that ordinary people can give their version of events without relying on the regular media. It's strange to think that the moment an event happens thousands or even millions of people can transmit the news to the whole planet.

Oh, don't worry I'm not getting delusions of grandeur, CNN et al are not going to shut up shop since I wrote a paragrapgh or two.

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