Monday, February 20, 2006

τζαμπα (free) surfing

I'm enjoying the benefits of a free wifi connection at Public which is in the Med Cosmos shopping centre. I'm not sure if it's permitted but what the hell. One of the things you learn in Greece is not to ask permission to do something. That forces the other person to make a decision which they may be held responsible for. Hence nine times out of ten they'll say no just to play it safe. However, if you just go ahead and do it anyway they'll probably just turn a blind eye.

It's fun though not having to trail a whole bunch of cables around with you just to get on the internet. Plus it's about a zillion times faster than my antiquated dial-up connection at home. I'm downloading some episodes of the Ancestor podcast novel by Scott Sigler before I whizz off to the centre to start work at school.

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