Monday, January 16, 2006

Teacher Dude has gone international

I put a wonderful piece of extra stuff on the blog which tells you where in the world people who view the blog are. We're now international. That's something that really blows my mind.

Teaching idea of the day

I'm using The Pocket and the Pendant audio book by Mark Archer as a teaching tool.I give the students a cd with the whole book in mp3 form and ask them to listen to a chapter each week and write a summary. It's great listening practice and a great alternative to the boring listening practice that they do in their course books.

The Pocket and the Pendant by Mark Jeffrey

From the Kirkus review:

"A sci-fi adventure steeped in the lore of an ancient civilization that will appeal to children and adults alike...driven -- and driven well -- by good old-fashioned sci-fi storytelling."

Max Quick's life drastically changes after time suddenly stops. The young man of 12 -- harassed by bullies, living as an orphan in a violent home for boys and about to be thown into juvenile hall -- is mysteriously immune to this chrono-freeze. He soon discovers other children who are impervious as well -- namely, Casey Cole and Ian Keating -- and the three find themselves embarking on a thrilling quest ... Heavily inspired by the folklore of the Sumer civilization of ancient Mesopotamia, the narrative shines brightest in the chapters that focus on the re-telling of this fascinating history. Jeffrey skillfully infuses the story with authentic historical context, and then thrusts this narrative into the future by introducing aliens, time travel and massive gems with the power to stop time and minds -- and difficult task indeed, but one that he successfully accomplishes.

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