Sunday, January 29, 2006

awards presentations

No, not the Oscars or BAFTAS, rather the school is having an award ceremony at the Mediterranean hotel for this year's students who achieved success in the Cambridge and Michigan exams in May. Wish me luck as I have to give a small speech to congratulate them and tell them how to keep up their English outside the classroom (YIKES!!!) this morning. Now where's my tie ?


Ahh, like hi, can you hear me at the back ?
Well, you know it's like great, you know that you came, like.
So good on you, like, you know.


Read more, don't, like, you know, make mistakes, alright?

As you can see The ancient art of Rhetoric lies safe in my hands.LOL

1 comment:

Vasso said...

Your speech was great!!! Don't be so modest. It was a warm and amusing speech!!! We all thank you. Vasso