Sunday, November 27, 2005

How to make your own music video

This is a lesson that encourages students of just about any level to explore the possibilities of their computer and in doing so practice their reading and listening skills. It is aimed at those teachers doing private lessons or who have access to a computer lab. However, be warned that it does require pretty advanced computer skills. Technophobes beware!!!


1 Tell the students that thy are going to hear a song, preferably in mp3 form and that they should jot down any ideas, images or feeling they associate with the music.

2 Students exchange ideas in groups

3 Hand out the lyrics and deal with any language difficulties then play the song again. Once again students note down any images etc that come to mind.

4 Introduce Window movie maker (which comes as standard with Windows). Show students how to import the song.

5 Next show students how to import pictures, merge images and decide how long they'll be on the screen and create credits, etc.

6 Explain to students that they will search he internet to find images to fit the song and go with the idea of the music.

7 Explain how to search for images on Yahoo/Google and save them on the computer.

8 For homework students find 20 or more images on the internet.

9 In groups students choose images and decide on their order and how long they'll stay on the screen etc.

10 Burn the different groups productions onto cd and ask students to vote for the best one.

This can also be done using a poem instead of a song

For more technical details on using Window's movie maker follow this link.

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