Saturday, October 29, 2005

Time to practice our acting skills (again)

1 Go to

2 Go to the Ali page.
3 Download the mp3 file. Its not very big, about 1.6 mb
so it shouldn't take more than ten minutes, even on
a slow connection.
4 Listen to the part of the film and read the dialogue at
the same time.
5 Now record yourself giving the speech. If you have a
microphone on the computer use the ηχογραφηση
programme that come with Windows.

The important thing is to practice this so that you no longer are worrying about the pronunciation of individual words and focus on the flow of the language and how the actor is using his or her voice. Now listen to yourself. Do you sound like a real person or just a robot mindlessly mouthing words without any emotion ?

Check out more extracts.

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