Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back to the serious stuff

For all those doing Get Ready For CAE unit 1

Put the paragraphs in the right order.


1 Reading, too, is important - I'd need to reasearch my genre
thoroughly in order to familiarize myself with the conventions
of mystery novels, making sure to develop my own personal
style.There's every possibilty, of course, that publishers won't
like my work. Rejection is difficult to cope with and can easily
lead to feelings of self-doubt.

2 Starting a novel may be easy, but finishing it and finding a
publisher are not. Some manange ro rise above the problems,
though - so why not me ?

3 Last but not least, I couldn't possibly imagine taking up the
challenge without the support of my family, cheering me on in
the backgound. And if my money ran out, I know that I could
always go to them for help.

4 In order to become a writer, however, you have to write, and
as you can imagine, that takes a great deal of hard work and
self-discipline. It also requires inspiration, and one of the
toughest problems an aspriring author is likely to come up
against is "writer's block", when your ideas dry up and you
stare for hours on end at a blank page.

5 Did you know that for every 20,000 novels written, only one
gets published? On the face of it then, the likelihood that I
will ever fulfill my ambition of becoming a professional
mystery writer doesn't seem very high. But the prospect of
turning my lifelong passion into my livelihood and achieving
fame and fortune at the same time is just too exciting for me
to be put off by dull statistics.

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